Proudly designed and illustrated in Australia. Proudly designed and illustrated in Australia.
Festive Gift Guide 2023
Welcome to our gorgeous gift guide for creative kids. We've brought together here a hand picked selection of non-digital gifts for kids aged 0-12 years that are designed to keep kids busy, creative and engaged. With all Tiger Tribe products designed and illustrated right here in Australia, and all purchases supporting our charity partnership with FNPW we're proud to share our collection of gifts and holiday ideas for Aussie kids.

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1 & 2. Bath Book - Messy Farm & Bath Book - Messy Jungle ($15 each)

Transform grubby farm and jungle critters back to their clean and cheery selves. When the water is warm, watch as dirt magically fades away , but when the water is cold again, get ready to see those muddy spots reappear - just in time for another messy round of bathing fun.

3. Silicone Rattle - Bunny ($25)

Get ready for bub's little face to light up with glee when they grab hold of this sweet and squishy little rascal and are rewarded by a gentle rattle sound of the ball inside. And the squishy silicone means even the youngest tots can get a grip on the cute bunny shape.

4.Sensory Spinners - Aussie Animals  (set of 3 $35)

Send little ones into a twirly spin with this engaging three piece sensory toy to touch, explore, shake (makes a rattle sound), chew and SPIN! These stick to almost any flat surface so can be used on windows (even in the car), highchairs, in the bath, windows and more! 

5. Roly Poly Koala ($30)

Roly Poly Koala loves being pushed, pulled or knocked over - always bobbing up for more fun with a rounded, weighted bottom. Babies will enjoy additional sensory stimulation with the lovely tinkling bell sound and soft ears that don’t mind being chewed on.

6.Roly Poly Cockatoo ($30)

Roly Poly Cockatoo joins our best selling Roly Poly Koala in our lineup of Aussie baby favourites. Perfect for tummy time this gorgeous wobbly friend helps build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

7. Mini Rag Dolls - Matilda or Nellie ($20 each) 

Super soft and snuggly Velboa ensures these delightful dolls are destined to be your little one’s forever best friend. Dresses inspired by the Flowering gum (Matilda) or Wattle (Nellie) and bearing celebrated Australian names, these dolls at just 25cm high are the perfect size for little hands to hug and hold.

8. Cockatoo Teether ($20)

Cockatoo Teether is the perfect Aussie gift for bubs. With a range of different textures designed to soothe and comfort teething babies. The easy-grip ring is perfect for little hands to clutch and grasp, helping to develop fine motor skills, sensory experiences and hand-eye coordination.

9. Koala Teether ($20)

Koala Teether is the perfect Aussie gift for bubs. With a range of different textures designed to soothe and comfort teething babies. The easy-grip ring is perfect for little hands to clutch and grasp, helping to develop fine motor skills, sensory experiences and hand-eye coordination.

10. Mix & Match Bath Mates - Aussie Animals (set of 3 $30)

Float, squeeze, sprinkle, mix and match! Each animal can be squeezed to have water filter through onto little ones. Unscrew the base for mix and match fun and easy to clean (dishwasher safe). with base that unscrews. Perfect bath toy and also great for backyard water play. 

1. Pull Backs - Aussie Animals (Set of 2, $15)

With no batteries required, little ones simply pull the animals backwards, release and then watch them zoom across the floor..... forwards, then backwards and forwards again! Also available in our cat & mouse pull back toys.

2. Magic Painting - Opposites ($25)

Little ones explore mess-free painting with this portable activity set jam-packed with play value. The 20 high-quality cards features illustrations of opposites which are revealed by water. The reverse side features a repeating pattern puzzle for extending playtime.

3. Magic Painting - Aussie Animals ($15)

It's mess free painting for little magical artists! Simply fill the magic paintbrush with water and the gorgeous illustrations are revealed with every brush-stroke. Wait for your painting to dry and whiten and do it all over again!

4. Rattle & Stack Blocks Starter (11 Pack, $20) & Deluxe (24 pack, $50)

With each of the blocks in the Rattle & Stack pack containing its own fun sound, little ones will be met with a delightful new surprise every time they play. Kids can learn about different shapes and colours while practicing their stacking skills.

5.Shape Shakers (Set of 3, $15)

This set of 3 stackable Shape Shakers will get your child grooving in no time.
Made from bio plastic and sturdy enough to last, these easy to grip Shape Shakers are perfect for little ones who love to boogie.

6. Maracas (Set of 2, $15)

Feel the rhythm! Let kids get creative and musical with these awesome Maracas! This 2-piece set of maracas is perfect for little hands to explore rhythm, play music, and have tonnes of fun. 

7. Castanets (Set of 2, $8)

Clap and dance to the rhythm of our Castanets! This unique set of 2 handheld Castanets is sure to bring fun to your household. Castanets make a great educational, musical tool for your little ones, helping them to understand rhythm and sound. 

8. Bath Racers - Platypus (Set of 2, $20)

Ready, set, splash! With two adorable swim-ready platypuses in the one set and no batteries required, simply wind them up, release them into the bath and then watch them go. 

9 & 10. Rocking Rollers -Cat ($20) & Dog ($20)

Introducing the most fun and versatile kids toy around! These 2-in-1 pals rocks back and forth, providing hours of entertainment. Remove the base, press down on your little pals head and watch it glide across the room on its built-in wheels. Available in both a cat and dog design. No batteries required. 

1. Croc Chasey - Catch a Frog ($30)

Kids will have a whale of a time in the tub splashing, scooping and catching as many frogs as they can with this super snappy-toothed bath crocodile! Croc Chasey - Catch a Frog aims to make bath time fun and engaging for kids.  

2. Bath Xylophone ($30)

Make way for mini maestro’s as they turn bath time into a fun musical adventure with this Bath Xylophone! This floating set of 6 interlocking foam keys and double sided waterproof music sheets (4 songs) allow little ones to explore pitch and melody as they create watery fun. Works well in living room too.   

3.Memory + Bingo ($15) 

Memory + Bingo - Animals is an exciting 2-in-1 game that’s perfect for family fun night! With its vibrant illustrations of animals, this includes all the cards needed for a game of Bingo or Memory. 

4. Magna Games ($20)

Kids will love playing both of these traditional games with friends and family. Magnetic playboard and pieces makes this easy to play on car trips, holidays, cafes or friends places. 

5.Silicone Tea set - Sunny Days ($50)

Bring the sunshine into your home with the Sunny Days Silicone Tea Set! Don't worry about spills or clinking; just enjoy watching your little one sip and share tea with their friends. Perfect for bubble baths, a picnic in the park or a indoor rainy day activity. 

6. Mini Transfer - Monster Parade ($10) 

Create some magic with Mini Transfer Magic - Monster Parade, a fun activity set in a super compact format, where kids use their imagination to make their own creative monsters. Kids use the pencil to transfer the monster eyes, arms, feet and other bits onto the monsters to make their very own creative monster parade.

7. Glitter Goo Crowns - Super Rainbow ($20)

Who needs crown jewels when you can have Glitter Goo crowns? Even better - our glitter goo is amazingly mess-free (we promise)! Little ones will love creating their own sparkly superhero headwear with this all-in-one Glitter Goo Crowns - Super Rainbow craft kit.  Includes everything required to make six glittery, colourful crown with no mess! 

8. Magna Carry - Aussie Animals ($30)

Kids can learn the names of our unique native animals as they take them on imaginative journeys, with Magna Carry - Aussie Animals. Kids learn early literacy skills through using the magnetic playboard to create their own stories to share. Compact and magnetic this is perfect for kids on the go.

9. Outdoor Activity Set - Back to Nature ($27.50)

Outdoor Activity Set - Back to Nature is a gentle, activity-based introduction to mindfulness designed to get children off the couch, unplugged and outside exploring nature. 

10. Explorer Binoculars ($20)

Ready…Set…Explore! These Explorer Binoculars are lightweight and adjustable, allowing your kiddo to spy up close with ease at 5X magnification. Perfect for camping trips, hikes outdoors, bird-watching, backyard science and so much more. Also available Explorer Magnifying Glass ($10)

1. Scratch Art - Dinosaurs ($20)

Kids will love revealing a prehistoric world of fun with Scratch Art - Dinosaurs.
Little ones can let their imagination run wild as they scratch off special sections of each art card using the included wooden etching tool to reveal the super vibrant, colourful dinosaurs below

2. Scratch Art - Garden ($20) 

Little ones will adore exploring this secret garden full of cute critters with Scratch Art - Garden. Go for a simple scratch-and-reveal or create amazing patterns, draw shapes or add decorative flourishes - it's simple to complete and completely satisfying! 

3. Crazy 8's + Go Fish ($20)

Card games are a foolproof, fun and educational way to engage and entertain kids, and two absolute winners are Crazy 8s and Go Fish! Enjoy your children laughing out loud while they build on their strategy, social and concentration skills.

4. How to Draw - Summer Fun ($27.50)

Want to learn to draw a musical octopus or maybe sketch a party loving starfish? Tiger Tribe’s How to Draw - Summer Fun will have you creating quirky summertime characters in minutes!

5. Roller Pattern Pens ($15)

Roller Pattern Pens are rolling in to add more fun to kids creative endeavours!
These super cool double-sided pens feature a fine tip on one side for detailed creations, and a unique, rolling stamp on the other side. Perfect for adding that extra bit of fun to a creation. 

6. Colour Change Magic Markers ($12.50)

Can't choose a colour? That's ok, choose both with our Colour Changing Markers! These amazing markers are double ended, with a regular coloured marker at one end, and a special, colour-changing nib at the other. Kids can magically transform their artworks with colourful patterns and effects using this clever technology.

7. Clay Craft - Sweeties Necklaces ($12.50) 

Kids can create their own super cute, summery necklaces with the all-in-one Clay Craft - Sweeties Necklace kit. This calm, creative activity for kids is sure to be the perfect stocking stuffer for your little ones. 

8. Shrinkorama - Bag Tags ($12.50)

Time for kids to unleash their creativity with the retro-tastic Shrinkorama! Colour in the pre-cut designs, pop them in the oven and watch the colours intensify as the tags harden and shrink to more than half their size! Perfect for decorating their bags and belongings with.

9. Galaxy Water Blaster ($15)

Calling all water warriors! The Galaxy Water Blaster is here to help your little one having a splashing good time outdoors. With impressive range and accuracy, it's a great way for kids to enjoy some watery target practice or challenge their friends to fun, splashy battles.

10. Tim - The Original Flying Bird ($30)

Tiger Tribe's Tim the Flying Bird flaps his wings like a real bird as power is released from the elastic system. Once flapping is complete, Tim locks into glide mode and gently glides back down to earth.

1. Collage Art Set ($40)

Creative kids will love exploring the open-ended artistic opportunities that collaging offers, with this fun-packed, all-in-one Collage Art Set! Filled to the brim with materials to explore the imaginative world of collaging, kids can cut and create and learn fun new techniques. 

2. How to Paint - Watercolour Animals ($40)

Explore the many aspects and techniques of painting with watercolours. The detailed guide includes 16 step-by-step lessons to build technique and confidence. Includes mess free water brush, paints and high quality watercolour paper. Also available in Watercolour Garden design.

3. Flipbook Kit - Animation Action ($30)

Junior animation enthusiasts are in for a treat as they learn how to use flip books to create the illusion of movement. Guided activities covers the basics of animation including planning and storyboarding; learning how to create strong narrative arcs; and illustrating human movement and emotions. 

4. Amazing Artist Kit - Learn. Imagine. Create ($50)

Unleash your inner Frida Kahlo with the Amazing Artist Kit! This all-in-one kit includes everything needed for kids to explore and create their own masterpieces. With plenty of materials to explore, kids will be inspired to express themselves through art.

5. Dragon Kite ($40)

Kids can brighten up the skies with this magnificent Dragon Kite. At almost a metre wide, this magnificent Dragon is easy to set up and launch, and looks impressive in flight. Checkout our other easy to fly kites too.

6. Hand Lettering - Learn. Experiment. Create. ($30)

Become a lettering legend with this engaging set designed by a talented lettering artist. Includes everything you need to master the craft, including an introduction to lettering theory, creative techniques and practice drills and beautifully illustrated visual instructions.

7. Pocket Gratitude Journal ($7) 

A compact, pocket-sized journal designed to help kids focus on the positive aspects of their life by recording and reflecting on three things they are grateful for, each day.

8. Pencil Art - Metallic Blend & Shade ($27.50)

Learn and master pencil stroke techniques (hatching, contouring and stippling), try out pressure variations, layering, blending and more. The step-by-step guide teaches new techniques to kids who already love colouring. You'll be impressed at the new, interesting and vibrant effects created. Also available in regular (non-metallic) version.

9. Metallic Outliners ($20) 

Metallic ink pens designed to create a beautiful dual-colour effect with a single stroke. Perfect for hand lettering christmas card messages.

10. Colour By Numbers - The Tropics ($20)

A fresh twist on a colouring classic. Designed to challenge older kids, images in this set are meant to puzzle and surprise. Select a favourite tropical picture, and simply colour in the corresponding numbers with the correct coloured marker. For younger kids, we also have colour by numbers Mermaids and Friends or Rainbow Garden

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