Age: 6-8 Years

Let the imagination run wild with our range of craft & creative kits, stationery, portable activity sets and toys, all designed here in Australia for little tigers aged 6-8.
Dragon Kite NEW

Dragon Kite


Speed Glider NEW

Speed Glider


Butterfly Kite NEW
Jet Racers - Bullseye Sold out NEW
Movable Window Art - Jungle Sold out
Dot Paints Sold out

Dot Paints

Sold out

Patternation - Eco-City On sale

Patternation - Eco-City

$29.75 $42.50

Jelly Kite Sold out

Jelly Kite

Sold out

Explorer Microscope Set Sold out
Pencil Art - Blend & Shade Sold out
Foil Art - Fairy Sold out

Foil Art - Fairy

Sold out

Glitter Markers On sale

Glitter Markers

$14.00 $20.00

Decorama - Heart Necklace Sold out
Magic Highlighters On sale

Magic Highlighters

$8.75 $12.50

Two-Tip Candy Pastel Markers On sale