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14 Ways to Make an ISO Birthday Special

Birthdays are a magical time for kids. If your child is about to celebrate their birthday while in isolation (hello Melbournians!) chances are you’re feeling like you want to do something special for them. Lockdown life can feel restrictive but with a bit of planning this really could be one of the most memorable birthdays your child will ever have.

With that in mind, here are 15 ways to make your child’s ISO birthday memorable:

1. Every kid loves a surprise, so while they’re is still sleeping sneak into their bedroom and fill it with balloons! Pro tip – blow up the balloons after they go to bed the night before and then set your alarm just before they usually wake up.

2. Prepare an extra special breakfast; pancakes, waffles, anything you don’t usually have or that’s a bit of a treat is the best way to start a birthday. Why not get a little silly and wear birthday hats at the breakfast table too.

3. Make a “what we love about you” jar. All you need is a jar and some note paper. Ask your kids friend to send messages with things they love about your child, then write them on little notes and pop them in the jar. Put your own love notes in there too. Give the jar to your child after breakfast and let the special day unfold with every love note.

4. Ask all your extended family and friends to send birthday cards in the mail and as they arrive secret squirrel them away before the big day. Then on their birthday pop them in the letter box and ask your child to ‘go and get the mail’ – magic!

5. Ask your child’s besties or their parents to make a sign saying Happy Birthday, then get them to send you a picture of them holding the sign. You can use this in a morning slide show OR if you have a printer, print them all out and hang them on a banner with balloons.

6. Make a birthday present treasure hunt. Place clues all over the house if their old enough or if their younger try the “getting warmer, getting colder” game – it’s super fun. For gift ideas check out our Top Sellers.

7. If you’ve got the time bake your own cake! You could even do this with them, as a kid there was nothing better than licking the spoon after mum put the cake in the oven.

8. Decorate the house the day before to extend the celebrations. They can even help you. You could make a piñata, make paper garlands, blow up balloons and hang streamers.

9. Have a few old fashioned party games. Musical chairs, pass the parcel, what about a dance party?

10. Let them choose an extra special activity that the whole family participates in like; going for a bike ride, a hike (local), making cookies, painting nails, crafting or playing a board game. 

11. Have a camp out in the backyard. Pitch a tent and watch the starts at night. You could even tell ghost stories if you’re game.

12. What about a living room camp out; use sheets, blankets and pillows to make a cozy tent inside your house. You could watch a movie, play cards or read books.

13. For older kids hosting an online Zoom / Skype party can be made fun with all the participants receiving a surprise box of goodies half way through the call. You could make up a box of treats and deliver them to the other kids or you can order them from this awesome online store called Kickerbocker Glory.


14. For the littlies host a tea party and invite all their favourite stuff toys. If the weather is good have a picnic outside with little food like party pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread and mini cupcakes.


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