School holidays are a time when families seek out new adventures and an escape from the daily routine. Unfortunately, sometimes family holidays can be challenging. Especially the travelling bit. Road-trip or plane flight, airport departure lounge or meals at cafes — as parents we are always looking for ways to keep kids occupied, ideally with something that involves genuine engagement and that also offers an unplugged screen alternative.

With the summer holidays just around the corner our range of compact portable play products are here to help reduce the stress.

To qualify for a Tiger Tribe “Portable Play” badge, our products must meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. Compact enough to easily throw into mum’s handbag, the family daypack, carry-on luggage or a kid’s backpack
2. Small enough to easily use on an aeroplane food tray, in the back seat of the car or at a cafe table
3. Containable — everything you need to complete the activity must come in a self-contained box (so nothing gets lost). Making it super easy to pack up too!
4. Offer a non-digital alternative to help ‘un-plug’ kids
5. Provide high value content, so kids remain engaged for extended periods of time.

But don’t just take our word for it! We recently caught up with some of our “portable play experts” and asked them why they love Tiger Tribe Portable Play products. Check out what they had to say…


The Retailer: Dr Deborah Latouf, founder and owner of Entropy Toys

“Tiger Tribe’s portable play products have long held a prominent position on our shelves. Their huge range of uniquely different portable toys and games provide us with a solution for families who are on the move. From globe trotters to café shop regulars, the Tiger Tribe portable range has something to suit every family and their individual child’s needs. Here at Entropy, we are all about toys with play value. The open-ended play opportunities that Tiger Tribe's portable play products present make these toys worth their weight in gold.”

The Family Travel Blogger: Paula Geinitz from Jetsetting Kids

“On cruise ships, in airport lounges and on road trips, our boys (aged 7 and 5) have been kept entertained for many hours by Tiger Tribe's portable play products. They are smartly designed, compact and fit easily into our carry-on bag. This is prime real estate for us, where only the essentials make the final cut. The main reason that we love these portable products is because they genuinely engage the boys, keeping them occupied for a good period of time...or at least enough time for me to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine!! When Tiger Tribe is in play, we never hear "I'm bored" or "Are we there yet" and this is because they are really busy! Our busy little bees quietly and happily colour, sticker, use magnets for imaginative play...wherever we may be. We have been using Tiger Tribe for many years now and as the boys have gotten older they have started to really enjoy perfecting their drawing skills by using some of the sketch guides found in some of their packs. We find them great value for this very reason and would be happy to recommend any of Tiger Tribe's Portable Play products to families.”

The Family Travel Blogger: Joyce Watts from Tot: Hot or Not

“We are a family of 4 who love to get out and about and Tiger Tribe portable play products are an indispensable part of our on-the-go life. We keep a stash permanently in the car for cafe dates, for impromptu play when the playground is rained out or to keep the back seat quiet on long car trips. And when we fly each child's hand luggage always contains a Tiger Tribe portable play set!
I like the neat, all-in-one packaging which means it's easy to pack, unpack and carry. The  kids love unfolding each portable play set like it's a present and the contents are guaranteed to thrill and delight!! Tiger Tribe portable play sets are a great way to keep little hands and minds busy and to encourage kids to explore their creativity and imagination. We love them!”

The Designer: Adam Carruthers, Tiger Tribe’s Head Designer

"In the Tiger Tribe design department we love everything about portable play products! Our portable play products tie in beautifully with Naomi and Anthony’s philosophy of making toys - Tiger Tribe has always been about taking kids on imaginative journeys through play. Being able to go on that imaginative journey while being on an actual journey makes it even better!
As designers, it's very satisfying to brainstorm ideas that will encourage creativity and products that pack away neatly into little boxes. Being a parent of three little ones, I am very aware of the need for toys to have a home! I avoid buying toys with bits and pieces that end up all over the place, so this is taken into consideration when designing our Tiger Tribe products. We want “packing up” to be part of the fun. Like a jigsaw puzzle, Tiger Tribe products have compartments to encourage kids to put the components away in the right spot, by clicking into a tray or storage box. Products are then kept secure with the click of a magnet so nothing will fall out. We are always excited and inspired to create new products and packaging that kids can take and play every day."

The Crafty Blogger: Babs O'Reilly from Patchwork Cactus

"I am a huge believer that if you give children beautiful things, they will learn to care for them. If you take them to all sorts of different places from restaurants to parks to business meetings – they will learn how to behave in different situations. Provided you have realistic expectations of course. The portable play packs from Tiger Tribe embody both of these ideals – and they also give children the chance to develop so many skills that technology based play doesn’t really offer. Like packing away after yourself!"