Gift Guides for Kids - Stocking Stuffers

We’ve made our list and checked it twice! Here’s our top tips for stocking stuffers this silly season - all under $20 AUD!

From the cute and decorative to the shiniest, sparkliest stationery; from tiny toys to activity packs perfect for travel, look no further!


Chirpy Bird Whistles

Sweet music to our ears! The Chirpy Bird - Bird Whistles are great for party bags and stocking fillers. This simple, traditional-style water whistle has entertained children for generations, now in a fun Aussie budgerigar design, available in pink or blue. To use, fill the whistle with water and blow into the mouth piece (tail). A beautiful warbling bird call plays out. These cheerful chirruping budgies will delight with their song.


Jungle Tribe | Flock of Unicorns | Tribe of Dinosaurs

These super cute, pocket sized packs are perfect for kids on the go! Go on a prehistoric journey with Tribe of Dinosaurs and the six mini dinos, including T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Dimetrodon, Apatosaurus and the awesome Parasaurolophus. Create an on-the-go adventure with four magical mini unicorns with Flock of Unicorns, or explore the animal kingdom with Jungle Tribe - complete with gorilla, zebra, lion, giraffe, hippo and the mighty tiger! Each box converts into a beautifully illustrated backdrop for play and display, and packs up neatly and quickly into the compact, magnetically sealed box.


Transfer Magic - Create a Car

Kids can design their own custom car using a collection of pin-striping, flame paint and after market exhaust transfers. Mag wheels, lightening bolts and hot-rod helmets are just some of the ‘bling’ options available. Transfer Magic is a super easy crafting activity that can be taken anywhere, without the mess. Simply select a transfer sheet, remove the backing paper, position the selected image, face down on the background card and rub it using the pencil included. Everything comes neatly packed in a self-contained, slide out box. Designed for easy portable play, the Transfer Magic packs are a must-have item for when mum and dad need some time out at the cafe. And perfect for keeping little hands busy when travelling over the holiday season!



Kids will LOVE these super cool, original Tiger Tribe designs, featuring some of our favourite characters from the TT range of products. Tiger Tribe Tattoos are safe (using non-toxic inks) and easily applied with a damp sponge. Once in place the tattoos can last up to five days. But don’t worry — they can be easily removed too. A perfect little stocking filler!


Handimals - Unicorn and T-Rex

Handimals are our super fun five-piece finger puppet set designed to transform little hands into a roaring, stomping T-Rex, or a magical prancing Unicorn. Each set comes with four legs and a T-Rex or Unicorn head made from flexible vinyl and sized perfectly for small hands. A great tool for imaginative play, Handimal puppets help children interact and understand the world. When talking and playing through a puppet, kids find opening up much easier. And by moving and positioning their hands and fingers to recreate the actions of T-Rex, our Handimals help children develop fine motor skills. Plus they're a tonne of fun!


Metallic Silk Crayons

Metallic Silk Crayons are our fun set of 6 sparkly, jewel-toned colouring-in tools for kids. They go on silky smooth like a pastel (the colours are more intense and shimmery than a standard wax crayon). To change the look you can simply add water with a paintbrush to create a softer, watercolour effect. Metallic Silk Crayons are non-toxic, odour free, water-soluble and made chunky for small hands to grip. The extra fun bit is each crayon comes in a twist-up tube with lid (just like mum’s lipstick), so there’s no mess and no waste.



Everyone’s going loopy for llamas! This lovely little pair of llamas are super cute, fuzzy and fun, and perfect for both play and display. A tactile sensory toy with their velvety flocked coating, Luv-A-Llama can help kids express their individual creativity and imagination through pretend play. A sweet gift and cute-to-boot.


Activity Pack - Enchanted Garden

Keep the kids happy while out and about with 24 pages of engaging activities that you can take anywhere and everywhere, without the mess. Enchanted Garden is filled with fairies, rainbows and unicorns. Join the dots, colour mazes and ‘spot the difference’ are just some of the fun to be had. Including six coloured markers, this set is guaranteed to keep little hands busy when out and about.