Gift Guides for Kids - Baby & Toddler

We’ve made our list and checked it twice! Here’s our guide for the best festive buys for babies and toddlers, from newborn to 3.

From sustainably harvested, beautiful wooden toys and engaging gifts built to assist with bub’s fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination, we’ve got you covered.


Totem Stackers - Pets

Made from sustainable plantation wood, Totem Stackers - Pets is a gorgeous stacking toy designed to help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Each set comes with 12 stackable pieces including three double-sided animal faces (one sleeping, one awake), six solid stacker blocks and three differently textured ring blocks. The sensory aspects of Totem Stackers are perfect for babies, teaching them to create shapes and explore the contrasting textures of the food grade silicone bands. The chunky stacker pieces are easy for little hands to grab and manipulate, helping build grip strength. Ideal for babies who are sitting up, Totem Stackers help build balance and coordination as they play with both hands.


Roly Poly Koala

Ideal for babies learning to crawl, Roly Poly Koala’s wobbling action entices little ones to reach out and push. The repetitive action improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, all the while helping to develop an understanding of cause and effect. Koala’s ears offer a great grip point for small hands and as he rolls around he makes a lovely tinkling bell sound, for additional sensory stimulation. Suitable for 3 months plus.


Alphabet Flash Cards - Neon

These vibrant, neon flash cards illustrate the alphabet from A to Z, helping children in the early stages of cognitive development to match letters with fun and familiar objects. From Apples to Zebras, with Guitars and Queens in between, these double-sided, high quality cards have a child-friendly plastic ring perfect for little fingers to easily grab, flip and play. Easily opened by parents, they can also be clipped around pram poles and car seat straps to ensure the flash cards are never far away from your toddlers hands. A beautifully designed, colourful and unplugged way for early learners to explore the alphabet, each pack contains 26 cards printed on high quality card.


Little Wheelies - Rolleroo

Perfect for baby, Little Wheelies – Rolleroo is made from sustainably harvested plantation beechwood with food-grade silicon wheels. This cute little Roo is a great toy for developing fine motor skills. Designed to be pushed and rolled, little ones will use their hands to initially pick up Rolleroo (and probably chew on the wheels or ears)! Through trial and error babies will soon learn that the toy rolls along when pushed and is fun to crawl around, chasing along the floor. Rolleroo’s silicon wheels ensure smooth, quiet zooming around the floor.


Button Puzzle - Animals

Button Puzzle – Animals is Portable Play at its finest. A nifty wooden box with a pegboard-style lid with its gridded, large buttonholes, acts as a storage container for the buttons and activity cards inside, as well as the play surface itself! With twenty beautifully illustrated designs across ten double sided activity cards and easy handling buttons, this is a great puzzle for young children, designed to help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This is the ideal activity for little ones practicing colour recognition, when matching the vibrant buttons to the design, and working on strengthening their pincer grip, promoting the strong finger and hand muscles needed for crayon and pencil skills.


Rainbow Rollers - Dash Hound and Cruisin' Kitty

A fresh new addition to our toddler toy range, Rainbow Roller - Dash Hound and Cruisin' Kitty are designed especially for little hands. Made from sustainable plantation beechwood and fitted out in retro racing rainbow colours, these cuties are ready for on-the-go fun! Toddlers will love popping the figures in and out of the driver’s seat, all the while improving their fine motor and shape sorting skills. The easy-to-grasp car body encourages kids to pick up, push and pull the toy with their hands, helping little ones to explore cause and effect. The silicon trimmed wheels ensure smooth zooming on all surfaces.


Wooden Silicone Teether - Koala

Handmade from sustainably harvested beechwood and silicone beads, our Koala Teether is a classic toy for baby. Combining the benefits of both soft chewy silicone beads and hard beechwood, the Koala Teether provides the perfect combination of textures for teething bubs. The food grade silicone beads relieve and massage sore gums, while the harder texture of the beech wood provides greater relief, helping teeth to break through the last layer of gum. Both are designed to encourage a baby’s natural instinct to chew, to ease teething pain. The easy-grip koala shape is perfect for little hands to clutch and grasp, offering a lesson in touch, size and sound, helping to develop fine motor skills, sensory experiences and hand-eye coordination.


Rag Dolls - Sunny and Luna

Every little child deserves a rag doll. A true best friend, delightfully designed and retro-styled. We’d like to introduce you to our new friends, Sunny and Luna. Toy trends come and go but rag dolls have held a special place in the hearts of children for centuries —offering both comforting cuddles and a special companion to share in imaginative role play. Sunny and Luna radiate a joyful nostalgic vibe. They sit up beautifully on a bed or night table and are always ready to attend special tea parties. The dolls are made from soft, quality jersey fabric, with hand-stitched details.